Importance of BMW Transmission Maintenance Seattle
The Ultimate Driving Machine has a beast of a transmission that handles guides and distributes your engine’s power. With all the Horsepower and Torque that is guided through this one component in your vehicle, it’s imperative to keep it in tip top condition.
BMW recommends that you have the transmission fluid changed every 75,000 miles.  Some BMW owners even change it every 30,000 miles. The reason that changing the transmission fluid is important is that as the transmission is used, it becomes subject to wear and tear. As this happens, metal fragments break off and enter the oil.
Some cars have filters and magnets to remove the metal fragments, but it is still a good idea to keep the oil clear of any debris. Otherwise the transmission will deteriorate until you need to replace the entire transmission.
The signs that the transmission in your BMW may need to be serviced include the following:
Check Engine or Check Transmission Light
When one of these lights comes on, it is usually a sign that something needs to be done soon. There may not be a problem at the moment, but, if ignored, it could become more serious. It’s a good idea to take the car in and get it checked out before your car breaks down on the highway because of a problem with the transmission.
Leaking Fluid
If you see any fluid leaking from your car or evidence of dried automobile fluid on the driveway, it may be transmission fluid.  It would be a good idea to get that component of the car checked. Leaking transmission fluid could be a sign that something needs to be checked on your transmission.
Other Concerns
Other issues which might be a sign that your BMW is having transmission issues include if the car shudders during acceleration. When there is a delay between revving of the engine when you step on the gas and motion of the car.  If the car does not shift at a normal RPM range and holds the gear too long, have that checked out by a qualified BMW service shop. We highly suggest you call us or take a gander at your BMW’s Service Manual.   If you keep up on the transmission fluid exchange service, you should never have any of the “OH NO!” symptoms listed above. If any of these problems do arise, give us a call and talk with one of our friendly BMW Repair Experts today.