Oil Change

Just as having regular check-ups with your doctor can help alert you to potential health issues before they become serious, preventative maintenance for your vehicle, such as the regularly scheduled oil change can keep your car running smoothly and its engine working properly.  While often one of the most easily and frequently overlooked actions in your car’s maintenance, a routine oil change is a key piece to keeping your vehicle running well.  A basic oil change, which consists of the draining of the old, contaminated oil from your car, replacing the oil filter, and adding new, clean oil, may feel like a nuisance to change approximately every 3,000 miles.  Or it may seem like something that can be ignored for a while, but continuing to drive your vehicle beyond the recommend mileage for the oil in your car can damage the engine and its components.

Putting off changing the oil in your vehicle may unnecessarily shorten the life of your engine.  Your car needs oil, clean oil, to keep the engine and its many different parts lubricated and running at its correct temperature.  When it has fresh, clean oil running through it, your engine and its parts are able to work together smoothly without generating any unnecessary friction.  Having old, contaminated, or not enough oil can increase the friction being generated between the engine components as the engine runs, which in turn causes the engine to run too hot since it is not lubricated correctly.  If you ignore the oil life and level in your vehicle for too long, the entire engine will eventually shut down since the pistons, camshaft, and other parts of the engine will be unable to move because the oil will be too broken down or used up.  This unwanted scenario can be easily avoided by keeping up with regular oil changes.  So make sure that you keep an eye on your car’s oil level and how many miles you have driven since your last oil change on a frequent basis.

If your oil level seems low or if your car is approaching approximately 3,000 miles since your last oil change, let BMW Repair Seattle help keep your car and its engine running smoothly.  Bring your car in to have your oil changed, and one of our highly trained, ASE-certified technicians will be happy to assist you.  Call us at (206) 207-0455 today to schedule an appointment.