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By using an Independent BMW Repair Specialist you will find that when compared to other dealers we have the same amount of experience if not more. We also have the same tools and diagnostic equipment.

Where you will find we differ is the cost. We are typically 30-60% less expensive. If you have any questions or want a quote, give us a call and talk with one of our friendly BMW Repair experts today!

The keys to great BMW Repair and maintenance are experience and quality diagnosis. Your vehicle is not called the ultimate driving machine for nothing. Your BMW is tuned to the teeth, which is why we love them so much; however, there is a catch to that. A vehicle with so many complex systems can produce some issues that can be hard to diagnose.

The difference between an experienced BMW mechanic and a mechanic who is guessing could be 10 hours of diagnosis that you are charged for. This is why we stress the quality of the technician and the equipment we use so highly. One of those issues could be fixed by a $50 part and an hour’s labor. However, if it took 5 hours to find, you’re paying 5 times what you would need to correct the issue.

If you are having any trouble or just want to get a second opinion on a BMW Repair Quote, give us a call. We are BMW fanatics at heart and always want to learn new things and meet fellow BMW owners.

BMW Repair Seattle

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